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CNC Swiss Turning Lathe


High productivity & precision 5/6-axis solution for max. dia. Ø10mm

· Optimizing for reducing cycle time
· Structure for minimizing thermal expansion & vibration



NC   Hanwha Fanuc-i
Max. machining diameter (mm) Ø10
Z1 Stroke (mm) 155
Main spindle Speed (rpm) 15,000
Motor (kW) 2.2/3.7
Turning tool No. of tools □8 x 6
Front tool No. of tools ER11 x 4
Cross drill No. of tools ER11M x 4 (Option: ER11M x 5)
Speed (rpm) 10,000
Motor (kW) 0.55
Sub spindle Speed (rpm) 10,000
Motor (kW) 0.55/1.1
Back tool No. of tools ER11 x 8 (Y2: Fixed 4 + Driven 4)
(Option: Fixed 2 + Driven 2)
Speed (rpm) 9,000
Motor (kW) 0.55
Machine size (L x W x H) (mm) 1,810 x 1,150 x 1,770
Weight (kg) 2,200
Power consumption (Cable size) 15kVA, 10kW (VCTF 10SQ x 4C)
Air flow rate (Liter/Min) 120 ~ 150